Spotted something interesting?
But not sure what it is?
Or you want to share it with the world?
Just shoot a picture and post. And get answers from curious minds around the world.

Your Online Library
Spottd is your online library of interesting and strange things you Spot around you. On Spottd, it's easy to share what you see with the world. No Filters, effects or Cropping out makes your post as real as it could be. Just what you saw for the world to see.

Share what you see without revealing your real name!. On Spottd, "Spottername" is your identity. It's so overt that it's covert. Create your unique Spottername now!

Spot Around
See what others are spotting around the world and engage in conversations with Spotters around the world. It's not what you need, it's what you can. So what are you waiting for? Download Spottd now and become one of the first few Spotters on Earth.

I Spottd
What do you do when you see something interesting around you? If you're one of the curious ones, you would try finding out what it is. Spottd is here to solve just that. Just click on "I Spottd" to add your post and ask the ask the world.
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Spotted something interesting? Just add the photo, no filters, effects or cropping. Just what you spotted for the world to see.
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Discover content from other spotters around the world. If you see something interesting, just give it a like.
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Have something to say about what's posted up there? Don't be shy, just type what you think and hit Reply. The world needs your answers.
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On Spottd, your username or as we call it "Spottername" is the only data used to identify You. Create a unique Spottername and start spotting now!
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So what's different?

Spottd is a new way to ask and answer questions on interesting things spotted around the world.

Just your email id: And unlike other Social media platforms, Spottd doesn't collect anything except your email id for creating your account. No Names, no date of births, no location or gender, just a Spottername.

No Notifications: Spottd has a strict "No Bother" policy which means it doesn't send you any notifications to distract you from your daily activities instead you get to open the app when you want to explore or post something you Spotted. And since all you're going to display is your Spottername you don't have to hold back in posting what you think is interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can download the beta version of Spottd now from your Google Playstore and become one of the first few Spotters on the planet.